Consumer Complaints & Negative Reviews

Hello how are its not a complain but i have some personal issue that is on 26 of august at 12:12am somthing purchase in 25 aed i want to know what is the thing that purchased and paymemt deliver by debit card with the name of muhammad komal please get me soon on my email address its request thanks
complaint #350 - Other Issues
I have given the Car for service and they have damaged my back seat while return the car.When I asked about issue requested for money to check the issue.
complaint #349 - Service Issues
i rented a car from them for only three days but until now no any feedback. you can check that lady's number. she will answer you but you will become hopeless. Anyone please help me...

scum lady: 0589085762, 0553700942
scum boss: 0582549752
complaint #348 - Refund / Exchange Issues
Respected management. This is Junaid reception security in Skycourt tower B. Where thomsum staff living. Mr prasanth kanjiramkattu pull safety pullstation and fire alarm activated Skycourt six towers evacuated just couple of days ago. I warned him very seriously. And snapped his Emirates I'D card pictures. Even security charge lift dinner and ran in tower B to assist me. Because situation was completely out of control . My supervisor got call from civil defence. Mr prasanth kanjiramkattu was present on reception of tower B. While I was dealing with fire panel and attended several tenants calls. Who shouted me very badly. because of Mr prasanth kanjiramkattu negligence and blender. I told him tenants would update on management what's app group. So Skycourt management would mail in Thomsum HR department. After that he gone away with him Emirates I’D card. Next night he requested me for my supervisor office to say sorry and fill down on his shoes. I ignored him. While he was going to elevator, suddenly he entered in pinter. He might though this is supervisor office. Even I warned him again. Next day he went to Skycourt day shift security supervisor to complaint with written statement. In fact I'm working in night shift. Why he didn't move to night shift security supervisor on the spot. He complaint security demand for etisalat card. And he keeped in prity. Why did he blame me. If he doesn't has any evidence, Eyes witness or noise recording. How he would prove In Court. He put serious allegation and blame security on duty with DPS ID card. This is serious Police case. I deal with several people issues. But i didn,t get Bribe in eight years in Dubai. His point of view if security is asking for etisalat card. He should move to another tower security to request for security supervisor number. And he should report him with noise recording. His point of view. Security wants to take bribe. Why not on first night when incident happened. And he was very secret. His point of view. He keeped etisalat card in pirty. security can get it out of building in parking area. Why in pirty which is located in ground floor public corridor. Why he entered in pirty second night. Why not in first night when incidents happened. He is plan. He though this security is creating trouble for him by snapping his Emirates I'D card pictures and informed his security incharge and supervisor. Other hand he would also create trouble for me. My contact number 0557785006.
complaint #347 - Other Issues
For cleaning the hands after the service dirty towel offer with which they were cleaning the floor the African staff was very rude n bad... charging for full service but not providing the service properly and not at all taking care of Hygiene
complaint #346 - Customer Service Issues
I have complaint to the manage many times earlier about the staff being not delivering the work properly, but i still visited them on 13th august 2018 around 7.40pm for face wax ( shama) the machine was not working so they tried cold wax but after unsuccesful attempts of that, they used the cold wax as normal wax by putting the wax machhine. i haev cleared mentioned if i donot get any infection they can do it but if there is any chnv\ce pkease donot do it. they made me aggre to it and now i got an infection on my face.
complaint #345 - Product Issues
I went choithram bay square around 4 o'clock because this is my break time usually after eating I was just siting there was waiting to finish my breaktime the security just come and said sorry u cannot sit here after eat even it was not busy at all all sits was free nobody was siting there except me I take this such my insult I was the regular customer of choithram if it's busy time I can understand but this really not fear well I left that place and very disappointed I wouldn't like to be there again
complaint #344 - Other Issues
Actually yesterday I buy some dates from chaina B02. This dates quality is not good . When open for the eat . I can't eat because something inside the dates. Always i buy from there.
complaint #343 - Product Issues
Hereby I am sharing my worst experience in Mouj Al bahar ladies centre parlour in Muwailih industrial area, behind Al wadi building , I enquired about keratin treatment and I did that on 31 St may 2018 I paid 350 dhirams for this.And the two ladies in that parlour told me to buy shampoo and conditioner for 100 dhirams I paid through cash payment. After two days , my hair become lifeless, shineless and more hairfall than usual.

I called the owner number I told everything she told me send the picture of shampoo and conditioner which I got from there. Then that owner told me to stop using this products and told me the product is not from her parlour , then I told I got this from ur parlour only and I told u r only responsible and she told me to come to the parlour to correct it. I went on 2 ND week of June , again the lady in that parlour told not even 1 month crossed ,so come after 1 month , owner told me your hair very weak and thin and come later.she told me it's my mistake I will correct without getting any money.
Now today I messaged her , she forgot everything and asking 100 dhirams now.
Is that fair ? Whose cheated me? From where I got the product? is that my mistake .
I am really unsatisfied by their behavior.
I don't want this to happen to other customers also. I am attaching my photos and the products I got from there.
I request you to take action against such irresponsible owner.
complaint #342 - Service Issues
After visiting the emergency department in the NMC royale branch, they claimed that there is an issue between the insurance company and NMC. This issue has been going on for more than 4 months. They couldn't accept me as a patient and asked me to visit another hospital if I wanted to be treated with my insurance.
complaint #341 - Guarantee Or Warranty Issues
Although I'm on a monthly contract but they didnt lower the contract rent while they dropped the prices.
When I asked to lower they asked me to cancel the contract .
They kept apologizing on the phone promising to call back and fix but no one did.
Instead they disabled my car without any notice or right.
More improper incidents that I'm willing to disclose and prove.
complaint #340 - Sales Issues
I had been to the salon for hair colour the lady changed my hair red i wanted brown colour and also when i went fot wax she riped off my skin.i want to complaint about this unprofessional worse customer service.i had to pay for this over all.
complaint #339 - Customer Service Issues
2aed and 3aed purchasing time one baqala person no change big purchasing small purchasing there no changes telling any time
complaint #338 - Customer Service Issues
I applied from them for work permit visa now 2 year they didn't give visa and from 6 months Ian asking my money they are not giving.they took money from alot people.i am afraid that they will runaway because most of time manager is outside country.they using fake accounts to catch people for work visa then they use money for other business.if any body asking for refund they deducted big amount even now they are not recieving phone .I have only recipet of money.i give them big life savings with them .
complaint #337 - Refund / Exchange Issues
I went with my husband to hand over case in appeal civil courts. We did not hand money in first instant court and we filled the memo by our self. Meaning defence. We lost the case. We were thinking we need good lawyer in appeal and we ask Mr Hasan office how much the fees. They said 50000 full advance and they said they will win the case and given so much promise. We sold jewellery and paid 50000. Big thing they said appeal and high court both they will handle for 50000. When we paid one staff given contract to sign and my husband sign without read it. They lost case in appeal court. We read the document that they submit to court. We found they do no nothing about good laws. They just copy our memo nothing they prove to court and not even attach any supporting that we given. Bad thing was Mr Hasan change his words. He did not admit his mistake. He cheat us in fees and his work. He ask another 10000 for high court appeal
We said originally agreed 50000 for finish the case positively in court. We send emails yo clarify issues. Finally staff who took 50000 and given guarantee left as they inform to us. No one clarify to about the fees that collected and malpractice work that they did to us. I am wife of the dependent and j am the one who ask my husband to go Hasan office. I was thinking as per web site they are good lawyers. But finally it's not like that. When we are calling and begging Hasan to come for a meeting had an called my husband and said he will file criminal case to us if they ask fees back . We ask fees back because they did nothing and just 50000 that took 5 a 4 sheets memo. Only one hearing and asked another 10000 from us to continue. How we can trust lawyer like that. Even Hasan ignored come for a meeti g. At the end we had to go to another lawyer for high court and had to find money again. Please tell people not to trust this advocates. Just take money and doing nothing . After that threatening the client and say not to shout at them. What else we can do to them. Shout shout shout
Only that we can do but that also no results because these people has no shame and no professional ethics.we have receipt for 50000 and some emails that they ask money. Our demand is to I form people not to rely on Mr Hasan. He is not good lawyer.
complaint #336 - Other Issues
Translation is not google translate nor literal translation. I asked for a draft and what they provided was unacceptable. They refused to refund me when I told them that the translation was not what was a contextual letter. Hadi is a thief and people should not waste their money. I want my money back and they insist that their ‘translator’ stands by his translation. Is it up to the translator or customer?
complaint #335 - Service Issues
Had given 4 shirts for a wash. Got one back with a torn collar. They did not own upto their fault, only blaming the fabric. Avoid this laundry if you want clothes back in good condition.
complaint #334 - Service Issues
I had got Visit Visa issued from Seven Sky Tourism in Feb’18 for my father and he entered UAE on 13 feb’18. On 7th april’18 i lost my father in Dubai. All the retiuals were done from Sharjah and his passport was cancelled by the Indian embassy which is in Dubai. I was informed by sharjah government to cancel his Visit Visa, i am trying to get this issue resolved since 3 weeks and havent got any positive feedback from the travel agency.
complaint #332 - Service Issues

I want to complaint for York hotel receptionist mr irtaza . I want to introduce you that I am working in govt company in Abu Dhabi as engineer . I used to visit Dubai to have good time with family and friends .
On 19th April 2018 I made a booking via and after conformition of booking I called the hotel to have a good family room for me .
The reservation person promised me to have a good room for me as my family is very sensitive and they dnt like music and all other activities .
Once I reached hotel at 10 30 pm the front desk mr irtaza excused to have any room . Later after conversations I got a room which had so any complains .
Following complains for hotel staff and room . ~ Room check in at 11pm the hotel front desk mr irtaza didn’t provide me key until 4am he was making excuses and refused to provide the key as it’s totally unjustified to not provide the key at the time of checkin .
~ After check inn I noticed that Room ac was off and curtains was very light to have any privacy .
At 6 am room ac completely off .i called reception he replied to give service but after 1 hour no body came and I went dawn to get the update but the receptionist guy behave very badly and he refused to provide any alternate room his behavior was very bad and in atheistical way of approach.
~ I asked him about room curtain as it’s very thin and light it was not possible for me to sleep in room in early morning due to the light curtains .
The hotel front desk Mr irtaza didn’t cooperate and he didn’t response with any support r solutions .
Kindly consider my complain to be notified to higher management of hotel and all other to take action against this incident .
I hope action shall be taken with immediate effects

Engr Muhammad Khan

complaint #331 - Service Issues

I purchased a cooker + oven 2 years ago from Lulu Wahda Mall in ABu Dhabi and I got problems in the oven few months after the purchase. Unfortunately I lost the receipt where I have the warranty but I called the customer service and one person came and said that "he fixed it". He didn't change any part and I paid for the visit. few months later, the same issue happened in the oven and I called again the customer service and they sent me someone to fix it and of course I paid for it. I don't know what he did but the oven worked for 3 months and again stopped working. I called the customer service again and I complained because every 3 to 4 months I have the same issue with the oven and every time I have to pay without results.
I need to place a complaint against the customer service center in Abu Dhabi, MUSSAFFAH AREA because they are unprofessional and cheating on people with the repair they are providing.
complaint #330 - Product Issues