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Hi ,
yesterday morning 27- Feb- 18 i visited Universal Hospital, Abu dhabi for general practitioner 2 floor in B building , to see Dr. Soniya. I don't like your service is there , Poor service & Bad Response from one lady nurse in vital sign department . Dr . soniya consultation also iam not satisfied by her knowledge & she even though not under stand my deceases . Iam also a customer from you internal medicine department 4 floor it very nice and good service , please make better service and try satisfy patient .

Riyas Abdul Rahiman
complaint #322 - Customer Service Issues
Service is worst and they are looting the people... I asked my refund of my security deposit of 1,500 aed which they are suppose to return in 14 days. But in gave several reminders and follow-ups but no reply at all. Finally i Got my money only (1420 aed) after 1.5 months and that too with deduction of 80 aed and when i asked them regarding this deduction they told me its our service charges which was never mentioned anywhere.
complaint #321 - Refund / Exchange Issues
Do not book with this company! Most unprofessional team I have ever come accross. Delivering horrible customer service. We booked the Abu Dhabi Tour with Ferrari World and our pick up was between 9-9:30am. Waited TWO HOURS today for pick-up. Spent the entire morning on the phone following up where the driver is. We sent them the exact google map location and a picture of the building, but aparently it was still confusing. We kept receiving excuses and the entire team kept saying they will call back in two minutes, nobody ever did. They will ignore your calls and when they eventually answer they dont listen and completely speak over you and hang up the phone while talking. Worst tour operator company in Dubai!!
complaint #320 - Customer Service Issues
Today I went to one of your branch in al riqqa to buy a fresh eggplant. I had no doubts about buying in your supermarket as im secured that all the vegetables are fresh.I always go at your supermarket because it's more convenient and accessible to my location. What concerned me is the cashier who didn’t issue me a receipt. I was asked to pay 6Aed for the eggplant I bought. I didn’t hesitate to pay the bill but to my surprise upon checking the price of the item its only 5.60Aed inclusive of the 5%VAT. So, I'm confused because it contradicts the price that was placed on the item. Plus, there was no receipt given to me. All I know is that the cashier placed the receipt on the plastic but when I checked it's of nowhere to find. I just want to clarify if the vat is already inclusive of the price and isn’t it the SOP for every cashier to hand over the receipt? I have attached a copy of the item with the price. Thank you.
complaint #319 - Billing or Collection Issues
i was a victim of this fraud. anyone can advise me?
i rented a car from them for only three days but until now no any feedback. you can check that lady's number. she will answer you but you will become hopeless.

scum lady: 0589085762
scum boss: 0582549752

complaint #317 - Refund / Exchange Issues
They charge for anything possible in fair amount ,scratches or even changing price in contract . They deal with one price and change price without informing customers.
complaint #316 - Billing or Collection Issues
I used this service very happily for over a year. But then I unexpectedly received a PCN after a visit to my regular car park. On checking my Veripark account I found that my cars status had changed to "disabled". This was NOT changed by me, I still have the same car and all previous visits are paid up. There is no logical reason why I would have disabled my vehicle from this service.

Veripark are only contactable by snail mail and I have sent 3 letters, two of which were recorded delivery. All have been ignored, one of the recorded deliveries was sent back without explanation the other has disappeared.
complaint #315 - Other Issues
I had a car accident so needed to hire a car for 2 weeks. I found Bab Al Madina car rental they gave me a good rate at 489 per week, which is ok. I asked to hire it for 2 weeks and deliver the car. The boy delivered the car, and only charged me for a week. He said if my car is fixed then ok, if not I can renew the contract at the same rate. I went to renew, and the price had doubled. The manager told me that this was their policy. The sucked people in and then increased. I am amazed. I have spoken to the DED, and have seen many people in the waiting room complaining too. DO NOT HIRE OFF THESE PEOPLE
complaint #314 - Contract Issues
I have booked on 3rd dec 2017 one single room for 2 pax through york international official website immediately 270 AED has been deducted from my Adib account and i have checked in on 5th dec 2017 on that time Receptionist said we have received payment and you need to pay only 10 aed and on 6th dec 2017 on the time of check out i was told still we haven't received payment we just hold your money as a guarantee and you have to pay again now and i paid again 270 aed via Adib Debit card and Male receptionist and one lady her name is Omega Pidaliso(Reservation & Sales Agent)said you will received that hold money in 15 days in your bank account i would like to ask only one question why i have to pay two times and wait for my money this is really unacceptable still it,s 1 month about to finish i didn't received my money. please see the below attached file details of double payment.
complaint #313 - Refund / Exchange Issues

Good day !!!

I visit the above mentioned Cafteria on a daily basis , for a cup of tea, however today I went on my car to this cafeteria , I had my tea in the reserved parking of Rambo Cafteria. Suddenly one of the employee came and started talking rudely to me , you take 2 dirhams tea and park your car for two hours. I just parked for 10 -15 mins. He was so rude to me , saying get out from here. I asked his owner number , he was reluctant and didnt give me his number. This person who misbehaved with me , is normally rude most of the times also. Please look into this, as I am shocked with this kind of behavior.
complaint #312 - Other Issues
I received wrong information for the second time. I was told I can extend my warranty for certain amount and free checkup. I don't get the free checkup. Plus the price was different when I went to need the service adviser. This is the second time I face this. The first time was when I want to renew my service contract the price was 9000 AED. I service adviser told me you can do it later no need to do it now. I went there after a month or two and I found out the price got increased to 14000 AED which is 5000 AED more.
complaint #311 - Sales Issues
I have collected my car after the repair and I found out that the Audio is not working. This is not acceptable. I don't have time to waste going back all the way.
complaint #310 - Repair Issues
The date of joining was 29/11/2017. Please send my visa/ travel papers for my mother and ME.PLEASE reimburse my money.Contact no: 00919407259523.I want justice .I am a firm believer in God.
complaint #308 -
I always notice the entering of high value price on cheaper vegetables without knowledge of customer. I got experience of this two-three times and I telephoned and raised complaint. Still today I experienced same and luckly I found out from there.they put aed 18 instead aed 1.25
complaint #307 - Billing or Collection Issues
Got mail on 20 October from hr.sharj*** that I am selected as SENIOR RESEARCH FELLOW JOB REF NO: u*** Paid ( 2650usd+ 4500usd+ 1761 USD) for work permit/ family visa/ health insurance/ reimbursement of money. The other mails who contacted me: cozmotra***, ministryof***, transferde*** ( PLEASE HELP ME AND UPDATME.IF CHEATED KINDLY REFUND MY HARD EARNED money.HR NAME: Ibrahim SAHA and Abbas, COZMO travels
complaint #306 - Service Issues
Reply by Dr Geeta S Kaimal on 29 November, 2017
The date of joining was 29/11/2017. Please send my visa/ travel papers for my mother and ME.PLEASE reimburse my money.Contact no: 00919407259523.I want justice .I am a firm believer in God.
I came to universal hospital all the way from musaffah with bleeding problem.
Doctor prescribed primolut N.pharmacist informed this is not available here. I asked him to inform Doctor he did not asked me to take it from other pharmacy.
I went to outside pharmacies but they said they cannot give without original prescription.
Why your pharmacist does not know about this.
With this bleeding, I cannot travelers back.
Very disappointing services.
I wasted my money time without an effective treatment.
Horrible service
complaint #305 - Other Issues